KiwiRange Home-Lab DIY Projects

Home-Lab DIY Projects

KiwiRange is a web where you can find DIY projects form Electronics, Networking and Servers, made on my Home-Lab, with good explanations and all needed resources for doing them by your own.

The readers can find all information, schemes and codes needed to recreate my projects in every post. The only thing they need to have are eager to learn and some appropriated tools and materials.

I created this blog because I thought that was time to contribute with the Internet Community. From years I have been benefiting from bloggers around the internet which share their knowledge free for everyone.

Finally, feel free to add comments to my posts if you have questions, complications or improvements about the projects. I also will appreciate any comment and I’ll try to reply as fast as possible.

My DIY projects are divided into three different areas:

You can use the previous links to be redirected into that sections of the blog.

I have to mention that all my DIY projects are done in my own Home-Lab which you can “visit” using the navigation map of this website to check what tools and gear I am using.

You can find my Home-Lab divided into two sections:

You can also check my Instructables page where I post my projects in a more educational way. Usually I post there only my electronics projects but sometimes I upload content from other categories. Check it at: